Robertson & Robertson Financial
"Where Experience is Knowledge"
About Us

We at Robertson & Robertson Financial believe that Financial Planning is a process that includes goal-setting, review of current financial conditions, practical analysis, and the development of an action plan.

Our mission is to assist clients in the management of their financial resources through financial planning and investment services.  Additionally, our focus for the small business owner is helping to secure the most beneficial retirement plan for their business.

For over forty five years we have experienced the same life events that families face today.  Going to college, getting married, buying a home, raising two children, helping them through college while at the same time saving for a comfortable retirement.  Having experienced those events, we believe, gives us a great advantage when helping our clients prepare for the same.

                                         Is your financial future in jeopardy?  If so let us help.
                                                We always place our client's best interest first.

             David Robertson is a Registered Representative for and offers securities through SCF Securities, Inc
                                               He is also an Investment Adviser Representative of SCF Investment Advisers, Inc.   Broker Check
                              Corporate Offices: 155 E Shaw Ave  Suite 102  Fresno, CA. 93710   (800) 955-2517   Fax: (559) 456-6109 
                                  Robertson & Robertson Financial and SCF Securities, Inc. are independently owned and operated.

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